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Open Call for Artists-in-residence 2020


Studio 42 Art and Design invites artists to join a group of international artists as a guest artist-in-residence.


Subject: Abstract painting with unusual media and materials


The goal of this residency is to support cross-cultural exchange and encourage dialogue between national and international artists through collaboration and sharing of painting techniques.

This is a unique opportunity for a stimulating experience of collaboration, networking, exploration and experimentation. All

completed work will be exhibited at Studio 42 Art and Design Gallery at the end of the residency.

Host artist:

Maria Fernandez (Australia/Spain)

IG @studio42bcn


Studio 42 Art and Design

Carrer Lope de Vega 42, Barcelona, Spain.


There is a flat fee of 50€ per day to cover costs

 Fees are waved to artists also attending a workshop at Studio 42 Art & Design.

Expenses such as airfare, accommodation, meals and transportation, as well as any art materials and other purchases are at the expense of each participant.

Application and Selection Process

This residency is open to artists of any age and stage in their career, as we are aiming for a cross-generational mix of participants.To apply send the following information via email to

  • Full name

  • Address

  • CV or statement of work

  • Minimum of 5 images of own work

  • Website, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or similar pages

Selection of participants will be performed by Host artists based on interests and relevance of work to the subject of the residency.

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