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Since I left my country Argentina in 1986 to live in Melbourne and later in Barcelona, I have focused on painting as much as in my own career as a Computer Scientist.


By travelling around the world I was inspired by the strong artistic culture of all the countries that I have visited, especially by the surroundings in Spain, tango music in Argentina, as much as by the Spanish painters, like the Modern Catalán Masters Miró, Tapiès, Picasso and Salvador Dalí. From these influences, I developed an aesthetic for not only painting but also music, architecture, interior decoration and furniture design.

I am mainly an Abstract Painter and my technique is based on building textures as well as layers of colour of different depth. I use different media; mainly oil, acrylic, cold wax and encaustic, and only experiment with techniques that allow me to express myself with freedom and without any boundaries.

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